NYS License #16000053450   |   Office (518) 696-5193

NYS License #16000053450   |   Office (518) 696-5193


Dave Patton, Founder of Adirondack Mountain Home Inspections, entered the construction trades in the early 70’s working framing and contracting residential, commercial conventional type and log structures for twenty years. During that period Dave was involved in the construction of over 200 log structures manufactored by eleven different national companies along with conventional projects. In 1996, Dave began working at The Original Lincoln Logs and became Vice President. Dave ran operations for The Original Lincoln Logs for 15 years before recently serving as President of CNW Log Homes, conducting business nationally and internationally.

Dave Patton Why Choose AMHI

“I believe that each structure is different and needs to be inspected with that understanding”

Consulting with someone who understands the trades will give you a better understanding of how your home will ‘work’ for you. Consulting with someone with vast experience and expertise can also help you choose the right building design and construction company for you and your needs should you decide to build.

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